Finally a blog update

So I had this idea that I was going to post periodic blog updates to keep everyone informed on planning progress or to answer any questions etc.

Great idea. Or not…..

Anyway, we’re about a month away. Reminder to please RSVP on this website by August 8. That’s also the final date to reserve rooms at the Sheraton at our block rate of $239. We only have a handful of rooms left available at the special rate so if that is something you want please don’t wait much longer!

Andrea and I are really looking forward to celebrating with you guys. For those who are coming into town the night before, we are going to go out for dinner (somewhere walkable to the hotel). There’s no rehearsal dinner or any special thing the night before, it’s just a little more relaxed setting to chill with some of you before the big day.

Now on the Saturday itself, of course Andrea will have to do hair/makeup, get dressed and make sure the kids are all spruced up. I’ve got it quite a bit lighter, so plan on heading to the Hockey Hall of Fame in the morning if anyone is interested in joining me!

Anyway, won’t keep this too long. If anyone actually even reads this leave me a comment!

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